Coin Stats

Coin Stats


  • $0.0031 1.89%

  • ฿0.00000038 1.89%

PIVX is the world’s most advanced privacy-enabled proof-of-stake cryptocurrency using the Zerocoin Protocol, an advanced zero-knowledge-proof privacy protocol for utmost transaction anonymity, and zPoS, a world’s first privacy-enabled Proof of Stake technology all developed by a team of highly experienced developers and cryptographers

SPK Financial

Daily income

$0.0126 0.00000157 BTC 4.1215 SPK

Weekly income

$0.0882 1.099E-5 BTC 28.8505 SPK

Monthly income

$0.378 4.71E-5 BTC 123.645 SPK

Yearly income

$4.599 0.00057305 BTC 1504.3475 SPK

  • ROI150.43%
  • Masternode worth$2,482

SPK Masternode

  • AVG Masternode
    Reward Frequency
    03d 00h 54m 51s
  • Wallet Version0.12.4.3
  • Block Time0d 14h 31m 29s
  • Last Block0d 11h 45m 07s