Coin Stats

Coin Stats

Pura (APR)

  • $0.0026 133.33%

  • ฿0.00000032 133.33%

PURA are digital coins that can be used for payment across the internet. PURA has the objective of becoming a global payment coin. PURA enables fast transactions directly, privately and instantly without the need of a bank or middleman. With the release of PURA Aurora AI at the end of June 2018, featuring artificial intelligence, push-to-deploy masternodes, mobile mining and common nodes, PURA is now the most technologically advanced blockchain payment coin in the cryptocurrency market to date.

APR Financial

Daily income

$0.0396 0.00000492 BTC 15.374 APR

Weekly income

$0.2772 3.444E-5 BTC 107.618 APR

Monthly income

$1.188 0.0001476 BTC 461.22 APR

Yearly income

$14.454 0.0017958 BTC 5611.51 APR

  • ROI187.05%
  • Masternode worth$58

APR Masternode

  • Active masternodes1
  • AVG Masternode
    Reward Frequency
    01d 10h 55m 39s
  • Wallet Version3.1.0
  • Block Time0d 00h 00m 12s
  • Last Block0d 18h 46m 00s