About Us

How Watchdog Came to Life

In the emerging world of digital currency, we have noticed an unfavorable trend of inconsistencies and unreliability. Watchdog was created to change that. Our mission, from the very beginning, was to establish trust and creditability within this industry.

Before creating Watchdog, we searched extensively for a better way to monitor masternodes, IEOs, and ICOs, as well as find projects with value, utility and realistic goals. As longtime masternode enthusiasts and cryptocurrency investors, we knew first hand of the issues we had encountered, and we were left feeling underwhelmed by the current options online. We wanted something easier to manage, esthetically pleasing and modern; with layers of user integration, easy to use platform and a slick user interface. We decided the only option was to make our own platform from the ground up and give our customers everything they wanted.

Our goal was to create a state-of-the-art analysis tool with accurate statistics and transparency to users. As unpredictable as the masternode and cryptocurrency markets can be, we wanted to make a difference, taking modern technology and making it simple and secure. We wanted to make this accessible not only for the technologically advanced individuals, but the mainstream people as well. The key goals we aimed to achieve are to make the best project exposure possible.

Watchdog Mission

“To go above and beyond for all our costumers based on a foundation of trust and integrity to provide quality user-friendly services with credibility as the cornerstone of our core values.”

How To Make Money With Masternodes

In 9 Easy Steps


Search and view masternodes, ICOs projects


Be patient


Invest in coins based on stats and trends


Set up SMS and email notification to stay up to date


Log onto watchdog.expert


View stats and compare potential investment


Set up your masternodes to earn rewards


Earn rewards


Don’t give up